Somewhere on Earth

by The Zen

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released November 16, 2012

Produced, recorded and mixed by Aleix Archs & Jordi Mas at BLOQ, Cornellà de Llobregat ; between June 2011 - January 2012
Mastered by Julián Silva at On Air, Brooklyn, NY during May 2012
All songs & lyrics written and arranged by The Zen except “Lifetime Circle” & “Reborn”, by Guillem Rejón & Xavi Diví
Guest featuring vocals: Pau Murillo, Daniel Pérez, Sergio Hernández & Guillem Rejón
All drums recorded by Josep Grau at BLOQ
Samplers & keys by Guillem Rejón, Scott McLean & Xavi Diví

Cover artwork by David Tejero Valle
Booklet artwork: Andrea Padrós, Marc Roken & Jaume Molero
Artwork design: Guillem Rejón
Lay-out: Copylab, Esplugues del Llobregat
Original band photos by Sorgin
Merch & CD edition: César Prados
Logo by Guillem Rejón
“The Zen” symbol by Sebastian P.M.




The Zen Barcelona, Spain

The Zen rised after the dissolution of Assalt 43 (Hardcore/Punk/Metal). Between June 2011 and January 2012 the band recorded it's first studio album ever, Somewhere on Earth. It's a conceptual album, about the passing of a human soul through death levels and dimensions before falling again on Earth after myriads of time and it's journey to the origin of cosmos. ... more

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Track Name: Lifetime Circle
Track Name: First Time Dead
There is something weird behind your eyes
Something I’ve never seen before
Senseless and empty for mankind
The eyes that won’t shine anymore

This isn’t that we’d call a dream
Same place, same time I’ve ever been
Red wine on the wall…
The fall shakes my chest and my soul

Please, God, look at me
I’m so terrorized
Lend me your all-mighty hand

Anything I try to do
Turns into a burning breath
Why me? Why now?
Why you don’t?

This rage will break my bloody chest
Somewhere on earth!
Does anybody feel my wrath?
Somewhere on (Earth)

There is something weird in me
Whispering, drawing tears
I think I’m gone
I can reach the light and beyond

Yeah, forced to get away
So welcome to my runaway
To my runaway

Oh my Lord, I despise thou
Will I ever reach your skies?
“All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain”

All those moments will turn in dust
Out of conscience, beyond your mind

Just behold their silent flight
Thrown to distance, out of sight

Dispossession, rape out of my wish
Unearthly sight, skyline decrease

If I could find someone out there
As me so lost and desperate

So lifetime circle… is complete

Released, it seems the net caught me in the end
The silver plankton floats among the darkest seas
And the above term has just begun, the final sacrifice
Coral of your mind still remains intact

(Life)Do you feel my wrath?
Somewhere out of this mad road?
(See)Beyond this dawn
Follow the stars, shiny shooting stars
(Be)Enjoy your role
Come close and look up your destiny
(Go)Go forth
Misplace the hate, will always consume your desires
Put down your fingers, so reaper will be there
Someday, for first time, you’ll be dead
Track Name: The Oblivion Lies
Confusion is here to stay; a cold sweat blinds my eyes
Darkness devours my mind’s clarity
Scepticism and questions, the answers remain hidden
My steps don’t seem to make sense
They move me away from reality
Like a ghost with no sentence
With no burden to be carried yet
I prowl around this strange stage of suffocating surrealism.

My senses own my body again
The old scars and the memories burn so hard
The afterlife is a proof of this tricky trap
The afterlife is a proof of the oblivion’s lie

Is this the consequence of a loathsome life?
A proof, a punishment, a sentence
Or a chance to rectify my deeds?

My hands are shaking, they cover my eyes
Fear devours my guts
My conscience was never stained with blood
¿So do I really deserve this?

A barren paradise, it seems a point of no return
My life has been taken to be in this place

It’s time to begin the journey; it’s time to face the truth
I must know the origin of this wretched fate of mine
I drift away from all I love, from all I once won
The weight of darkness make so hard to reach the shore
One second feels like one billion years

My senses own my body again
The old scars and the memories burn so hard.
The afterlife is a proof of the oblivion’s lie.

Refuse it, deny it, avoid it
Feed The Fire!
It takes us, betray us, it fakes us
Beat The Liar!
Track Name: Checkmate
Was long time ago when I had been playing
But never thought I’d be waiting for Death
If I won or I lost, I don’t care
Forget it, checkmate ends the game

“Once the men had to be demigods
Otherwise they would not have invented the chess”

Strategy, a matter of reflection
So the tactic is a matter of perception

Elixir to prolong the life
Cult of wisdom, almost a hymn
To the virtue, the glory and, so, pride
There won’t be such price like enemy’s scalp!

But the things have changed all at once
At the moment I looked to the adversary mate
…No eyes, they’re just full of scrawls
A little child who’s standing the challenge with me
The son I once had!
Blitz game for me!

Do not ever leave your last game
Chessboards not allowed

I had fallen into this fake trap
Death defeated me

The ambush have penalized me with my life
Cause no one overcomes death

Track Name: In Hell's Core
I can’t remember the reason why I’m here
Will sworn of demons, release their capture of the day?
Incoming lost souls, swallowed by hell’s gear
Unleash the cry, ‘cause your terror will be mine!

All dark stories, are carved on these lands
Little hope feelings
For long misplaced, disappeared
Pain overloaded, so bad moments back to me
Eyebrows wide open
When horror takes its place
Right now

Why mankind deserve salvation?
Compassionate… not Universe best point
Eternity… for first time, lacking of knowledge
Let their believe the braves are saved

It is unfair, be judged, down here, without a voice
Can’t defense my spirit, from the bondage? from the burn?

All the fingers pointing to me
The crowd is shouting
That alien voices are crushing in my head!

"I am guilty for living
Guilty for being real...”
Don’t despise that affliction
Don’t waste that pain!
You should not misspend the horror
Of billions souls ago
Below your feet

“Oh no, no tears, please… it is a waste of good suffering”

Deep in Hell’s core, boiling minds
Feel the sorrow left behind

So dreadful, so dire
“Now look for freedom up to sky, up high”
Track Name: Mystic Challenge
Past nightmares chasing your soul!

Heated by those burning flames
Which are feed with suffering
I escape from the shrieking demons
They try to snatch my mind away

Gasping for breath, I run away
I mock the pursuit of my death
It’s illusory, but his claws
Feel so real that makes me shudder

Blaze a trail in time
Hide to this threat, reach out for the light
Tear down barriers
And cross every dimensional gate

Once I get rid of the horror
And cries from the past have ceased
I get into a new perception
A new universal truth

Time consists on thousands particles
So different from each other
Can see no end for this number
Just colours, shapes and amazement

Men, they have always feared the things that dwell inside
The suffocating dark
I’m about to reveal the secrets that remain
In those obscure affairs

Defy this mystic challenge
And leave your tread in every world you reach
Leave your fears behind
Because you control every step you make

When your black eyes are too blind to see
And the gravity forces you to grovel
Clench your fists in anger, get rise to your feet
And rage against the oppressive force
Make universe tremble!

For you there is no redemption
Consequence of your deceptions
Won’t escape from this damnation
Free way to mind domination

So grit your teeth in pain
Your efforts are in vain
Don’t go against the grain
Your loss is our gain!


Defy this mystic challenge
And make a stand against the cosmic will
Leave your fears behind
Trust your decisions, they will take you away
Track Name: Tabula Rasa
Shapeless, apathetic
No conscience of time
Tabula Rasa!
My feelings wither
Memories don’t hurt anymore
Home of hopeless
Slaves of chance
The voiceless ones
Tabula Rasa!
I could not say how many winters
Have taken this cursed place

Can you see my eyes?
How dull and sad they look?
You, lord of the void
You left me to your realm of emptiness!
Sand will deicide
How lengthy will be my wait on here

No good, no evil
Here’s no place for this matter
Just miles of nothingness
I become disheartened

I raise my hands
They both lay bare
Choose my fate
Since you took my will so long ago

I beg you, don’t blame me
You put me into weakness
My sins and my passions
Were preceding me in the past
I Cry! Oh I Cry!

You show disdain for me
Stare at me! Point at me!
Shattered hopes, destroyed dreams
This limbo beat my faith

So it’s time to weed out all your mistakes
To take a new chance.
Rise from your fall, crush your limits
And Cross The Line!
Tabula Rasa!
Track Name: Origin
I watch all like in dreams
The never seen…
And the eyes look around, to the unknown
To a dark hole, where fears sure will be proved

For sure, or not
Perception and wit still being gone
No time, no facts
Not yet created, so far
Show must go on
Stuck when implosion burn cosmos all-wide

Blasting away from the stars
Fading in drops,
As gleam light rain falls

Within the walls now created into this space
The inception of being leads to life

I can just run on that light speed pipe
Blessing and gazing those wonders alive

Between the void and the nothing, the Gods leave
And spirit of time claim its own right to be

Little pupils on the universe shout
The Iris so dark is, will laugh at us the hounds
Immortality promised all along
Stay reach the end and the light will turn on

Immortality, vanity for soul
Promise in decline when the master takes control

Origin, prodigy, wonderment, glow for me
Where the sun brings the path
Back and forth within time
Go ahead, from inside

Where the stars will collide
Back and forth into light

Claim Your Right To Be!
Track Name: Beyond the Dawn
Going back to the point which it all began
Thousand million times rain covered the barren earth

This never ending voyage seems to make sense
The forces of cosmos are capricious, they play with me

Earth remains the same after all
Nothing is what it used to be, though

The creation of man turns insignificant
Since we lost control of everything for so long

So I’m standing here alone and cold
My feelings once numbed they awake
We all are linked to this concept
We won’t scape from this great truth

A taste of immortality will haunt you, will trap you
But they’re just playing tricks on you

It will take ages to understand
That we’re just a product to be recycled
There’s no peace, no eternal rest
But millenniums and aeons to be covered

Come here and gaze, try to look beyond the dawn
There’s no choice but walking alone

Born again!
Die again!
Face the end!
Lay to rest!

Take my hand!
See the light!
Come with me!
Walk with me!
Track Name: The Calling
When a big sun dies, when it blows up
Space spread all its light, like wind with dust

Light is carrying me, it tells me something
I can’t hear no words, just know it all

You don’t be afraid
Finally comes
Gifted you will
Forever and again

Dark illusions
Must be punished
We, the saviors
Soul raiders on the role

From the hell’s core
From the heavens
Who the fuck cares
The eternal quest remain

Within the time
Raised and still doing
We, death prophets
The wildcards of the gods

Beyond this gate
Where Demons await
I’m sinking in the dreams
That they’ve made for me

It’s weird, and hard
Say goodbye to mind
And spin like a wheel
In those alleys of time

Fall, you down!
Your conscience will drown
One instant of memories
Through eons got lost

The state of grace
That, chased by human race
Wanders in cosmos
Awaiting for me

No way, do not fear the fear itself
Now, chance to beat it
Once and for all! (x3)


It’s said and sealed
Our reached fate unseen…
Crawling and crawling
To jump from the cliff

This plot, this act
We’re all in, in fact
Don’t be afraid of this masterpiece craft

A small spark of wisdom in memory breeds
My own little piece of immortality
Track Name: Somewhere on Earth
Only through the end of times sight
We can get back and start again, and again
When the end shows another path
And the Ferryman points the way forward
“Should I run and never look back..?”

From death to live, and live to know
I’m here again

To see to hear, and hear to learn
And learn to tell

We give them more than we can give
Until decease
Stagnate as flesh in a cloudy fate
I breathe away

Crawling, dreaming
Waiting to rise
Shouting, crying
Feeling the cold

So here I am, I’m a part of all again
Plummeting incredibly across the clouds and air

That “wisdom spark”
Soon gone and lost in time
Crush my conscience and stuns my new senses

Hundreds of thousands of years have passed
From the rise of the immortals
To the vast painful ground

Some kind of deathless
Stronger thing I’m supposed to be
Through incalculable myriads of millenniums I’m back

I feel the heart beats of all the living beings
Along the entire world, them all…

Somewhere here
You’ll be back
Where you will land?
No one knows

Before the darkness growl
(When the master takes control)
The stars are there to tell
(Blasting stars along the ride)
Ten billion years ago
(You were the origin)
My soul resides somewhere…
(Somewhere here on the Earth)
Track Name: Reborn